When and for whom is a brand workshop worthwhile?

Just go for it and see what happens or develop the brand strategically?

If in doubt, do both! Fans of agile working and development methods think a lot of starting with an offering that is not yet 100% mature in order to see how the market behaves. It’s a good idea to focus on a small part of the target groups and not to plan a big launch right away. A test among friends and acquaintances can be helpful.

At the same time, however, the identity of the brand should be developed, because there are usually five things that people want to know about a brand: “Who wants to sell me what, how or why did he make it, why does he offer it, what do I get out of it?” Not always in the same weighting, but by and large it’s about the confidence that can be derived from answering these questions reassuringly. In the workshop, we talk (among many other things) about the Who, the How, the Why, the What, and the Purpose.

At a time when it’s simply not enough to put your goods or services on the shelf or website and hope that anyone will buy them, it’s cheap to be a brand worthy of belief and trust. Its haphazard, strategic development is complex, but with the right tools it is always possible.

Systematically and intuitively at the same time, Christian Frick guided us through all the important marketing-related questions in the brand workshop. The result creates calmness, composure and clarity in us. Whenever we are in danger of losing the thread of communication, we take out these documents again and, as if by magic, clarity and calm return. The results are lasting and at the same time they inspire us to keep thinking and developing." Barbara Küchler, Owner Integral Change