Your target groups – the unknown beings

About drives and motives.

A few years ago, I offered to write an article for the editor-in-chief of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce’s member magazine about the fact that most of the companies I advise surprisingly know relatively little about their target groups. His answer was that he would not publish such an article, because he was sure that the IHK members know their target groups very well. If you, dear readers, know your target groups that well, too, then you don’t need to read on now. The other two might enjoy it, so go ahead:

The most important thing I learned about target groups from the brand workshop is that my customers know their customers much better than they themselves would think. A lot of valuable knowledge is hidden deep in areas of the memory to which the day-to-day business-bound consciousness has no access without a key.

In the brand workshop I use two, sometimes three of these keys. One is called “LimbiCube” and deals with the hidden value or belief systems of the customers. With this tool we find out in which emotional world the target groups are at home and even which language/speech they prefer. Another key is to define drives on different – rational and emotional – levels, each in the context of the brand. Both tools are about people’s motivations and, as a consequence, what is relevant to them. Of course, I’m not giving away too much in this post, but I can make one promise: You don’t need expensive customer studies to understand your target groups.

"The view from outside was very helpful. We have Mr. Frick to thank for a few surprising insights and even a previously undiscovered USP. I think the workshop was very effective and am happy to recommend it." Horst Walther Owner, NATURinFORM GmbH

How meaningful, appreciative and purposeful can social media be?

How absolutely do we need to be in the insta hype?

For the past three years or so, it’s been a big topic after every brand workshop: “Do we have to play on social media?” I always sigh in agony then and roll my eyes. The social media post is the new big space, that’s for sure, and somehow we can’t get around the social madness. But nobody I know really likes the whole thing. But well, eyes open and through. Eyes open? Yes – because we need to find a good, inexpensive content manager who understands the (often complex) business of my customers, who writes easy-going, inspiring texts, who delivers the most attractive content every day, and who is always in a good mood. Cheap, sure, we already had that. If you know someone like that, please contact me immediately! Or insta-profile … And then I always ask myself one question: How socially compatible, how meaningful, empathetic or even appreciative can we promote our brand on social platforms? How can we stand out from the creepy successful tiktok posts? Can we at all? A response is requested.

„The absolutely necessary and recommendable look over the fence is easier with a ladder, held by Christian Frick & Team. The communication professionals from Fürth ensure with their know-how that the grass is greener in the future than elsewhere!" VDE Northern Bavaria