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What is the difference between a company and a brand?

In the brand workshop you will find answers.

Successful marketing communication is based on a simple insight and its all the more complex implementation: Only when messages are RELEVANT to their recipients, and that is because they meet their MOTIVES, does the necessary dialog emerge. For this reason, the workshop not only takes an in-depth look at all the elements that make up a brand, but also at its target groups and their diverse motives.


Workshop approx. 6 hours or in digital format 3 x 2 hours by Zoom. Presentation of results approx. 2 hours (total agency service: 8 days)


A digital workbook, excerpts from the presentation and results of the workshop as documentation for the participants.


The workshop is the result of 25 years of professional experience, practical insights from neuromarketing and countless brand strategies developed for corporations and medium-sized businesses.


Interactive workshop with tools from Neuromarketing, Design Thinking, Communication Psychology and Marketing Practice


Documentation of the workshop with recommendations for action or in a second step: Brand manual or brand book incl. communication concept.


The brand workshop is ideal for startups, as well as for companies or corporate divisions that need or want to reinvent themselves,

„I am very, very, very satisfied." (Brigitte Bollinger, CEO tandem BTL)